Blackthorn Folly

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High Energy, Celtic Influenced, Acoustic Fun

Blackthorn Folly is a five piece traditionally inspired band performing in the Milwaukee area.  We play traditional Celtic and American folk music with high energy and a ground stomping tempo.

April 3, 2018     0 Comments

What’s new with Blackthorn Folly?

Blackthorn Folly took a step back in time yesterday to perform at the Civil War re-enactment weekend at the Pinecrest Historical Village in Manitowoc County. Thank you Ryan Zunker and the Manitowoc County Historical Society for the opportunity to perform for your evening dance party ! It was fun seeing the colorful costumes and watching the dancers enjoy the Virginia Reel, and the flirting during the broom dance! Thanks again for the invitation.

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May your 4th be with us tonight! Come on over to the County Clare Inn and Pub for Blackthorn Folly, tonight at 9 pm!

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May the 4th be with you! This IS the band you are looking for…Blackthorn Folly at the County Clare Inn and Pub, this Saturday night starting at 9 PM. No one will “force” you to be there, but you will want to join in the fun during our performance. You are our only hope!

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We would like to sincerely thank the Shamrock Club of New Dublin for hosting such an awesome Irish Fest and inviting us to be part of it. For all of our New Dublin fans, old and new…you’re awesome! What a way to close out the Paddy’s Day season! 😀 We hope to see y’all next year!

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St. Paddy's Day 2019 - St. Brendan's

Photos courtesy of: Shelby Hearley Multimedia Communication Specialist City of Green Bay

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What a fantastic St. Paddy’s Day this year! We want to sincerely thank the following venues for hosting such excellent events: Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, City Lights Brewing Company, Washington County Shamrock, St. Brendan’s Inn, and County Clare Irish Pub Thank you especially to all of our fans, old and new, that came out to celebrate with us! We’ll see y’all in New Dublin (London) this Saturday for the 2019 New Dublin Irish Fest. We can’t wait to see everyone there!

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Photos from Blackthorn Folly's post

Happy St. Patrick’s Week from Blackthorn Folly! We hope to see you at these great venues! Saturday, March 16th; “Shamrock at the Fair Park” Washington County Fair Park, 6 -7:30 PM Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day at the St. Brendan’s Inn, Green Bay, WI, 11 AM-2:00 PM Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day at the County Clare Inn, Milwaukee, WI, 6-8:30 PM Saturday, March 23rd at the “New Dublin Irish Fest”, New London, WI, 1 -2:30 PM

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